A Life in the Theater

mamet's play + a stage manager + contrabass viol = radio magic.

Joshua Jackson (l.) & Patrick Stewart
In character for a premiere NY performance

mcmurty gercke

Chinese Dinner Scene
North Coast Reperatory Theater 2006
Johnathan McMurty and Fran Gercke

Synopsis: In Mamet's play, when their show opened, top billing went to the older veteran of the stage well known for his chestnuts in regional repertory. But from the beginning, the audience fell in love with the younger actor. As his star is rising, the contrast in their situations deepens. The older man cannot escape the implications of taking a back seat in his own dream. The younger actor cannot imagine himself in the older man's situation.

A poignant conflict emerges while on stage and in the dressing room they share.

The entire play takes place in the theater: onstage, in the wings and in the dressing room.

For the radio producition, transitional music, sound ambiance distinguish time and place.

McMurtry and Fran Gercke rehearse Life
at North Coast Rep in San Diego

Scene from original production

Music: variations on a theme for solo bass, interpreting moods, tempi and rhythm.

A Life in the Theater Radioplay

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