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Lone Ranger


Michael Winn, founded SDRT on an impulse, encouraged by his colleagues in an acting workshop, spurred on by Jack Kopol(RIP), with whom Winn was performing a scene from the Odd Couple and inspired by his and Kopol's authentic rendition, as if two clones of Walter Matthau had gone terribly wrong physically and yet, the psychic part of the transfer had been successful. However, when their performance merely confused a small group of confused and vision impaired older men and women at the Senior Center,in Rancho Santa Fe, California, Winn recalled the transformational potential of audio theater and the rest, is history. [oxymoron intended]



welles and winn

Orson Welles confers with a composer.

RCA 50s TV

A wooden box showed up in the living room of my parents' home in Philadelphia. My parents seemed to prefer watching Milton Berle and Ed Sullivan to the radio shows I enjoyed alone in my room. Within two years, most programs had left radio because they couldn't find sponsors and yet, there was little original TV programming to replace it because filming TV shows was expensive and live television required enormous effort.

"For the last time, Michael, dinner's on the table!'

The air raid sirens that tested our readiness to meet nuclear attacks was more troubling but sitting on the bed with my eyes wide open, neither catatonic nor "om", on drugs. I was flying with Sky King or the Green Hornet, looking over The Shadow's shoulder, chuckling at Jack Benny, George and Gracy Allen, Baby Snooks, Abbot & Costello, Amos 'n Andy, Fibber McGee & Molly, Roy Rogers...

Lone Ranger CU

Local TV broadcasters have never and will never have the resources to produce narrative shows affordable to local advertisers that can attract audiences... well, freak shows maybe. In any case, around 1954, someone figured out what to do with all those old movies stored in studio vaults since the "beginning of time". anneandstewart






By the time I left high school and enrolled at Cal State University, Long Beach, I'd seen most movies made in the USA and Britain between 1920 and 1950 more than once. When I came home after school in the early afternoon, I turned on the TV, made a sandwich and watched movies. Then I just came home from school at lunch time and watched movies, eventually, I didn't go to school in the morning and stayed home to watch films except for times when, as the leading forensic competitor for the school or for examinations, I made special appearances.

"So here's our universe, ...whatever it's curvature.
In a way, the world only lives in imagination...


"Sure enough, here's old Earth, complete with atmosphere--into which a fist-sized lump of Comet Swift-Tuttle plunges at 11:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Savings Time on 13 August 1994, said plunge or anyhow, collision effecting its prompt incineration in a meteoric streak over the eastern seaboard of North America, including the Atlantic Coast of Delaware and Maryland's portion of Chesapeake Bay..."

From: On With The Story by John Barth.




"...and another just as mighty discovers our very own Milky Way galaxy, bless its unfathomable black hole of a heart: one more bright sand-grain on the dark beach of abyssal space...


Zooming right in on it, we may just possibly find our dear solar system and its cozy inner belt of planets, including miscellaneous cometary debris.


--from which a mighty close-up resolves our particular Local Cluster...


Somewhere or other in it is our galactic supercluster, almost unimaginably vast--...ah, yes, here it is--"



Remember...................Radio listeners are listening for you! ..............Don Quixote: A Meeting of Two Minds.............Coming Soon..........................

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